Subcontractor Instructions

Since all transmittals and reviews to "" are submitted electronically through their web-based system and e-mail notifications, we request that you follow these important steps:

  1. You will receive notifications and correspondence from the domain name: Please have this domain name added as a safe domain in order to ensure safe delivery of all correspondence.
  2. Once you will receive an e-mail from "", you will be provided with your login username and password. This login will need to be used throughout the entire project and is exclusively for your usage. It should not be shared at any time to ensure your safety and confidentiality.

    For your convenience, you will receive a direct link with each e-mail, which will take you directly into our web page without having to use your username and password. Please note that if you are currently quoting on more than one project with the same contractor/owner, each project will have its own username and password.
  3. Once you receive your login information, please log in and enter your company information, such as company name etc.
    Please note that the e-mail address you enter will be the one receiving all the e-mail notifications. If you want an additional member of your team to receive all e-mails as well, please use the "add a secondary e-mail address" option.
  4. You will need to provide your insurance agent's information by entering it into the system as requested. (You may add more than one agency if you are using separate agents for different lines of business). You are required to carry all types of coverage that the system requests. e.g. general liability, worker's comp., auto, excess, DBL etc.
  5. If you do not currently carry a specific line of coverage requested, please select the "not insured" option.
  6. You must notify your agent(s) to select as a safe domain name.
  7. A sample of the insurance requirements for the job and a sample certificate of insurance will be available to download for your review. (If the project is still in quoting stage, the insurance requirements are subject to change.)
  8. If this project is in its final stage and you have been awarded the contract, you will be required to upload a signed hold harmless agreement or signed contract.
  9. Your insurance agent will also receive a copy of the sample certificate of insurance and the insurance requirements for this project. If this project is still in the quoting stage, the sample certificate of insurance may not be final, as we may update the certificate holder and additional insured list. Once your certificate will be awarded, you will receive a new notification with the final terms and list of certificate holders and additional insureds.
  10. Your insurance agent may be asked additional questions regarding your coverages to make sure that it meets our risk management review and approval. In addition, he may be asked to provide a copy of your policies.
  11. Once the risk manager will review your insurance documents you will receive a notification of approval or a list of items which are required to be corrected in order to get approved.
  12. If any of your coverages are rejected by our team, your agent or any other agent you have assigned in the system may resubmit updated or new insurance coverage, which will be reviewed by our team.
  13. Expiration Alert:
    Our system will send an automatic notification to you and your agent prior to expiration of your coverages and updated insurance information must be provided.
  14. If you change to a new agent during the project, or at your insurance renewal, please make sure to enter the new agent's information and assign the line of business to this agent.